Iron Horse Enduro Series: Umko “Rumble”
The Iron Horse Enduro Series hosts six annual events in KZN, sponsored by Coleman Insurance Brokers. Team Coleman recently tackled the demanding Umko "Rumble" with diverse terrains and rider camaraderie.

The Iron Horse Enduro Series comprises 6 fun ride events annually, in which Enduro motorcyclists come together to test their skills in a race format. These events occur throughout KZN in various locations, giving riders experiences in various terrain. These all-day events are family-friendly and are incredibly well organised by Grant Nelson and his dedicated team, ensuring an enjoyable ride every time.

Coleman Insurance Brokers Sponsorship

Enduro, MX, Cross country, and Adventure motorbike riding are a huge part of living in South Africa under our year-round blue skies. We are proud to sponsor The Iron Horse Enduro Series as a company. Coleman Insurance Brokers are providers of comprehensive insurance cover for enduro riders, as well as MX, cross country, and others, whilst racing. Our specialist cover uniquely provides riders with peace of mind while competing and training for these events, as well as covering their accompanying requirements.

Team Coleman

Team Coleman, comprising Ian Coleman, Michael Coleman, and Misha Coleman, as a newcomer to the sport, made their way early on a misty Saturday morning down to the beautiful Umkomaas Valley to participate in the Umko “Rumble.” This enduro motorcycle event is fast becoming legendary for its technical variance, as well as its unrivalled beauty.

In addition to the approximately 340 riders, their friends and family gathered together for a team briefing, enjoying hot coffee and breakfast as they listened to Grant Nelson giving the run down for the day’s riding. Then it was helmets on and bikes in gear to begin lining up in their various categories, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Pink, for the start. The air was filled with the smell of 2-stroke fuel and the sounds of hundreds of big and small bikes revving their engines.
Adrenaline and excitement intermingled as, just after 9 a.m., they were off amidst dust and the scream of their engines. The large groups of riders quickly shrunk down to smaller teams or individual riders as the ride began in earnest. From the banks of the breathtaking Umkomaas River to rough quarry sections to the tops of the rolling hills of KwaZulu Natal, they rode their various loops. Rocks, drop-offs, river crossings, gorges, open flat land – this ride had it all. As the morning mists lifted, the winter sun made for a comfortable riding temperature.

After an hour, the Pink Novice loop’s first riders began returning to the base. After a few more hours, as the sun climbed high in the sky, more riders began returning, either to refuel for a second loop or to end their day’s ride, collecting a completion medal for their entrance class. Hot, dirty, sweaty, tired, hungry, but satisfied was the general consensus of all the riders, as they began to relax with ice cold drinks and hot burgers, freshly braaied in one of the food trailers on site.

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